Authentic Pizza from Naples

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6 thoughts on “Authentic Pizza from Naples

  1. Congratulations! That’s really a very beautiful homemade pizza 🙂 and the photos are very inviting, they look great 🙂
    But since I’m Italian and since it seems to me that you have passion about knowing deeper details maybe you would appreciate if I translate what the official procedural guidelines of the Association say about how to make a Pizza Verace Napoletana, which is quite different 🙂
    -Flour: 00 type, but it’s allowed also a percentage between 5 and 20% of 0 type (Manitoba), to have a higher strength (the final strength value should be between W220 and W380).
    -Water: a medium-hard water, to be used at 20-22 °C
    -Yeast: fresh baker’s yeast (the cubes) or sourdough. No dry yeast. 3 grams of fresh yeast for 1,7/1,8 kg of flour. So 1 gram for 500 g flour, even less actually. And 50-55 g of salt for 1,7/1,8 kg of flour.
    – the hydration has to be around 55-62%, so for 500g flour we have to use about 300 ml water (1 liter for 1,7/1,8 kg flour)
    – The maturation has two phases: a first phase of about 2 hours, then we have to cut the dough in smaller doughs of the size of 1 pizza (about 180-250 g each), then they have to rest other 4-6 hours at 25 °C. With sourdough these times could be longer.
    I hope it was interesting to read 🙂
    This is the link to the official document:

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 It’s really interesting. The recipe of Salt Wine Friends Blog, what I’ve used based on this, but of course turned into a recipe what you can make at home without being too complicated for anyone 🙂

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