Gastro Adventure 4 © Reka Csulak Budapest Gastro Adventure #4- During my latest visit to Hungary, I organized the usual tour in the capital to spend some time with my friends and visit nice places where we can share some culinary pleasures. I love that some of my friends are regular visitors to these walks and other freshly joining to a recent event. I think this selection I’ve made for this event is pretty strong again, but feel free to read the experiences of the previous gastro adventures here: Budapest […]
Aperture- The game changer in your photography game is definitely the day you start using the ‘big M’, that refers to manual mode on your camera. I know, each additional step to your workflow sounds scary at the beginning, but hey… invest a bit of time to understand the exposure triangle and I guarantee you will enjoy the control that the full control over your gear results. In this post, we will have a look at the aperture settings of your […]
Vegan avocado pie- I really love no-bake desserts and a different version of this came from my dear blogger friend, Évi from Salt Wine Friends Blog. Over the years, I’ve modified some parts of her recipe and finally created a vegan option. I love that the filling I’ve created absolutely works in frozen form or as a smoothie bowl too. If you want to try ice lollies with the same taste as this pie, click here. INGREDIENTS Crust 125 g vegan margarine, melted (vegetarian: butter) 250 […]
Monte Crito Sandwich © Reka Csulak Monte Cristo Sandwich- In Hungary, we normally deep-fry french toast, but I’ve tried the original method when you cook the toast on some butter in a pan, which gives you a more enjoyable result, so I’ll never deep fry it again. To elevate this toast to a whole new level, let’s create a ham and cheese sandwich, soak into the egg and finish it as you would finish a French toast: this is the Monte Cristo Sandwich! INGREDIENTS 2 thick slice of toast bread 1 […]
Pork fillet with chorizo © Reka Csulak Chorizo stuffed pork fillet- Since we normally celebrate together with my husband only, we don’t need a huge turkey on our festive table. I normally prepare a roll, stuffed meat or other smaller roast. This year we had this chorizo stuffed pork fillet, but you can do it with a whole pork loin as well. INGREDIENTS 1 pork fillet 1 chorizo ring 8 slice smoked rashers Salt, pepper Olive oil – I use the Spanish oils of Reinos de Taifas. INSTRUCTIONS Use a narrow but long knife […]
White wine poached pears © Reka Csulak White wine poached pear with zabaglione- This Christmas I try to spend more time with relaxing and spending valuable time with my beloved ones, so I’ve created some easy but luxurious desserts. What if we serve a poached pear in a white wine glass, pour some zabaglione on the top and serve it after a festive roast? INGREDIENTS Poached pears 750 ml white wine (I used the Chablis of J.Moreau Fils) 5-7 tbsp sugar 2 cinnamon sticks Zest of a lemon 1 tsp vanilla paste 5 firm […]
French cheese board © Reka Csulak Cheese board guide- Home-made cheese boards are so popular when you have a bunch of people invited for special occasions, so regarding the upcoming holidays, I share some tips about what to consider when you create your cheese selection, select the bread and crackers and other garnishes. The basic cheese types You can start with 3 types of cheeses up to a bountiful selection consider these type of cheeses as great elements of your cheese boards. Soft – soft goats cheese, mozzarella Soft […]
Red Wine Poached Pears © Reka Csulak Mulled wine poached pears- Look at these pears on the plate: they look so luxurious in their marzipan coat. Today I show you, how to prepare this dessert that takes almost no effort to present. Mulled wine poached pears look brilliant on a festive table because this is definitely a royal way to enjoy this common fruit. The recipe doesn’t use flour or dairy, so if you’re ok with sugar or can replace it with any healthier option, this dessert will save you not […]
Chestnut cream horns © Reka Csulak Chestnut cream horns- Sweet chestnut desserts are so popular in Hungary, and I wanted to prepare a super easy dessert as a weekend treat, this is how the idea of these chestnut cream horns came up. For me, it’s quite challenging to list any food that is typical in November. In this case, the seasonal ingredients are my inspiration, the market always offers something you haven’t planned to use but instantly gives you some creative ideas to create a new dish or turn […]
Spicy plum galette- Autumn means plums. Isn’t it beautiful how plum turns into deep purple during baking? The best way to show this gorgeous fruit is definitely the galette. This dough is so versatile, you can fill with any seasonal ingredients, it bakes quite fast and with its rustic look, it will look great on your family table. I’m so proud since this recipe has been published in UK’s top baking magazine, the Baking Heaven’s October/November issue. INGREDIENTS Galette – for 8 small […]
Croque Madame © Reka Csulak Croque Monsieur and Madame sandwich- I’ve heard about this gorgeous French sandwich in the ‘It’s Complicated’ movie.  Fortunately, nothing is complicated about the recipe.  The gentleman, called Croque Monsieur has an elegant lady on his right: Croque Madame is wearing a lovely fired egg hat. These baked sandwiches could make a perfect brunch or quick dinner for all who is in a rush but cannot live without warm meals… btw, we have something in common. I’m sick when I have to spend my whole day on cold sandwiches […]
Plum dumpling © Reka Csulak Potato dumpling with plum- These potato dumplings filled with plum is a Hungarian classic. This dish can work as a sweet main or dessert too, depends on how many dumplings you put on the plate. I was so worried about making them at home for a while, but if the dough is sealed properly, and if they don’t stick on the bottom of the pot, they will be perfect! In Hungary, and in general in Central Europe, we have smaller sweet plums, which is ideal […]
Orange is the New Black Burger © Reka Csulak Orange Is The New Black Burger- It was so difficult to wait for the right moment before I show you this recipe. I think October is the best month to introduce a new burger, I call ‘Orange is the new black’. The conception is simple: mostly orange and black elements ruling this impressive stack. Halloween is on the corner and one of my favorite TV shows -guess what-, Orange is the new black ended this year… these together started a creative flow a few months ago, […]
Savoy cabbage oven bake © Reka Csulak Layered savoy cabbage bake- Back from our hiking getaway in Wales. I’m full of the memories of the beautiful sceneries, colorful leaves, wild animals, challenging walks, see sheep climbing up to unbelievable heights, face to some rain and wind, feel lost at misty mountaintops… I love that autumn lasts a bit longer in the UK so you can enjoy its changes for a while. Here is the season with its lovely veggies and oven bakes. I didn’t really like this dish when I was a […]
Strudel spiral © Reka Csulak Strudel spiral- We normally find the savory versions of these filled filo pasty spirals, sometimes they called spanakopita (Greek) or börek (Turkish). But strudel is a filo pastry, normally sweet, but not really a spiral. I’ve combined these dishes and created this strudel spiral filled with my favorite sweet breakfast: rice pudding and baked plums. The filling can be varied, you can find some inspiration in my previous recipe. INGREDIENTS Strudel 1 pack of filo pastry sheets (about 12) Melted butter Rice pudding 500 […]
Panna Cotta with Gooseberry Compote © Reka Csulak Edelflower panna cotta with gooseberry compote- I still have some home-made elderflower syrup I’ve made this Spring, grabbed some gooseberries at the store to make a fruity, tangy Panna Cotta. It’s a light dessert that you can prepare for various occasions: it can be a fancy party element, a delicious breakfast at work, or a sweet treat in the kid’s lunch box. INGREDIENTS Panna cotta – for about 4 ramekins 350 ml cream 120 ml whole milk 3 tsp powder gelatine 50 g sugar 1 tsp […]
Vegan beetroot brownie © Reka Csulak Beetroot brownie- This recipe was my plan to share for a while and it was a great opportunity to do it for a special occasion as well. My blogger friend, Nicolas from Blogtastic Food invited his blogger friends to a collaboration. He turned his everyday cooking to vegan, this is how it happened that the topic is the best vegan desserts this time. I submit my vegan beet brownie recipe. If you need more inspiration about plant-based recipes, you can check Nicolas’ vegan lemon meringue pie […]
Goat cheese and fig sandwich © Reka Csulak Sandwich with goat cheese and figs- I really love to eat brunch, but sometimes I keep breakfast as simple as possible and I like to keep some meat-free days during my week. Autumnal harvest brings much delicious produce to markets and one of my favorites are figs. This sandwich is very simple since I want you to focus on this amazing fruit with some additional textures and matching flavors. INGREDIENTS 2 slices of rye sourdough Soft goat cheese 2 figs 1 handful of pecan nuts 2-4 thyme springs […]
Hummingbird cake © Reka Csulak Hummingbird cake- Recall the memories of those tropical nights, the fresh air at the seaside, sunkissed skin, delicious fruits from the market and lots of sunshine with this Hummingbird cake. INGREDIENTS Crust 350 g flour 350 g sugar 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 3 ripe bananas 300 g pineapple chunks from tin, drained 250 ml olive oil from Reinos de Taifas 1 pinch of salt 2 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 50 g chopped pecans Caramel sauce 150 ml water 250 […]
Tiramisu cupcakes © Reka Csulak Tiramisu cupcake- Do you like cupcakes and delicious Tiramisu as well? This time you can merge your favorites in one dessert. This Tiramisu cupcake recipe is the best choice for parties or simple treats for the family or place one in the lunchbox. There are many decoration options of course, so feel free to exprerss your creativity. Dig up your piping tips and think about great falvor and texture pairing for the muffins and coffee mascarpone cream. This time I’ve chose cocoa […]
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