Plum dumpling © Reka Csulak

Potato dumpling with plum

These potato dumplings filled with plum is a Hungarian classic. This dish can work as a sweet main or dessert too, depends on how many dumplings you put on the plate. I was so worried about making them at home for a while, but if the dough is sealed properly, and if they don’t stick on the bottom of the pot, they will be perfect! In … Continue reading Potato dumpling with plum

Curd cheese bags © Reka Csulak

Curd cheese bags

Hungarian cuisine is rich in filling soups so it’s a common thing that women bake some kind of sweet dough instead of preparing a normal main course. Curd cheese bags are quite popular after goulash or bean soup for example. They are quite nice on the day after you bake them as well, so if you go for a hike or sightseeing, it could be quite handy … Continue reading Curd cheese bags

Sourdough pizza

Nowadays the most enjoyable challenges in my kitchen are the recipes where I replace normal yeast with a sourdough starter. This is how this pizza recipe came alive. I believe that sourdough based baked goods are good for your health, easily digestible and of course, their taste is not comparable with anything else made with normal yeast. INGREDIENTS Pizza dough 100g sourdough starter 800 g … Continue reading Sourdough pizza

Irish soda bread © Reka Csulak

Irish soda bread

I prefer a good sourdough bread, but sometimes I have time only for a quick bread. This is when soda bread is a good option because it would be mixed as quick as possible since a chemical reaction instantly starts between the ingredients. In soda bread, instead of natural yeast, we use bicarbonate of soda as leaven. The buttermilk in the dough contains lactic acid, … Continue reading Irish soda bread