Wedding Peach Cakes

These irresistible Peach Cakes are truly the showstoppers on a vintage Hungarian wedding. The multi-layer cakes are wonderful, but as a child I was more into these cakes because if they are decorated the right way, they look almost like real peaches, even if the taste of them has nothing to do with the fruit. This recipe requires a bit more patience and attention, so … Continue reading Wedding Peach Cakes

Scones with greaves © Reka Csulak

Scones with greaves

Another Hungarian classic: scones. Such a nice snack, great for a summer picnic, birthday parties or other family occasions. Greaves are the fried fat of pork. A few decades ago it was natural, that people used all parts of the animals. When you would like to get lard, you just simply fry the belly of the pork (according to the family traditions we use the belly … Continue reading Scones with greaves

Chocolate lavander cookies © Reka Csulak

Chocolate and lavender​ cookies

Maybe you’ve tried the chocolate-chili combination before, but it’s not usual that people use spicy ingredients in desserts, right? Because of some unknown reasons, I like experimenting with spicy desserts and after my Bonfire cake here is a new recipe. This time I show you some soft chocolate cookies with lavender and orange zest and we will add some medium heat chili sauce too! The … Continue reading Chocolate and lavender​ cookies

Angels’ wings

Magyarul  ⇣  Angels’ wings Probably you know that the Carnival season all around the world is at the beginning of the year. The Hungarian Carnival, called Farsang starts on 6th January –Epiphany– and lasts till Ash Wednesday when -according to Christian traditions- the 40 days Lent begins and ends at Easter. But before start the actual Lent, we do the opposite: celebrate, organize masquerade balls and of … Continue reading Angels’ wings