Black Forest Skillet Brownie

Is there anything better than a freshly made, cozy breakfast? I would say no… unless this Black Forest Skillet Brownie would be in front of me. Let’s tune in for Christmas with the wonderful flavour combinations of a Black Forest Cake merged with the fudge brownie from your dreams. Just think about it… your family spending the holidays together. One-after-one they are waking up on Christmas Day … Continue reading Black Forest Skillet Brownie

Pumpkin Spice Blondie

One of the reasons why I love Autumn is because it’s the beginning of the squash and pumpkin season. Let’s boost a simple blondie with warming spices, seasonal ingredients. You can get the baking done in half an hour with this effortless dessert, so you will have more time to enjoy the result and your free time! The best way to enjoy home-baked goods is … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Blondie

Vegan beetroot brownie © Reka Csulak

Beetroot brownie

This recipe was my plan to share for a while and it was a great opportunity to do it for a special occasion as well. My blogger friend, Nicolas from Blogtastic Food invited his blogger friends to a collaboration. He turned his everyday cooking to vegan, this is how it happened that the topic is the best vegan desserts this time. I submit my vegan beet brownie recipe. … Continue reading Beetroot brownie

Sour Cherry sponge © Reka Csulak

Sour cherry sponge

This recipe is based on my grandma’s sour cherry sponge. Sometimes she randomly prepares a large batch because she loves to surprise us with freshly baked cakes or some food, no matter when we visit her. This cake takes an important part of our family. I think since we were born, whenever we notice the scent of this cake it reminds us of the importance of the … Continue reading Sour cherry sponge

Grated curd cheese cake

This cake is one of my biggest favorites from the family collection. I love the crispy crust and the soft filling together. It’s a good dessert option for the guests, it would be a yummy treat in the lunchbox, and the leftovers will make a yummy treat a few days later too. INGREDIENTS Crust 400 g flour 150 g sugar 3 tbsp cocoa powder 2 … Continue reading Grated curd cheese cake


Magyarul  ⇣ 

Marlenka – the Armenian honey cake

Recipe source:
Since this recipe is in Hungarian, You can find a basic but handy vocabulary here to figure out what kind of ingredients you need.

This amazing cake is so popular in Hungary, but it’s originally from the Czech Republic, where some genius with Armenian heritage created their small cake business, which has grown to an international company, and this is why we are able to buy some Marlenka at the supermarket as well.

Continue reading “Marlenka”