Savoy cabbage oven bake © Reka Csulak

Layered savoy cabbage bake

Back from our hiking getaway in Wales. I’m full of the memories of the beautiful sceneries, colorful leaves, wild animals, challenging walks, see sheep climbing up to unbelievable heights, face to some rain and wind, feel lost at misty mountaintops… I love that autumn lasts a bit longer in the UK so you can enjoy its changes for a while. Here is the season with its … Continue reading Layered savoy cabbage bake

Chanterelle mushroom risotto © Reka Csulak

Chanterelle risotto

Autumn is here, the best time for mushroom hunting! I have great memories when we went hiking in Sweden and all the forests and swamps were full of mushrooms and berries during this season. And that time I had the chance to enjoy yellow and grey chanterelles a lot, and since then I really love this versatile ingredient. Risotto is a Northern Italian dish, and … Continue reading Chanterelle risotto

Creamy cauliflower and broccoli oven bake

Hmmm… even if I look at the pictures makes my mouth watering. Basically, this is one of my first own creations and still one of my biggest favorites. It’s very easy to prepare, the ingredients are quite cheap and the result will be a big amount of food, perfectly enough for your guests as well. It will be still yummy when you will heat up … Continue reading Creamy cauliflower and broccoli oven bake

Guinnes shepherds pie © Reka Csulak

Guinness Shepherd’s pie


Guinness Shepherd’s pie

Recipe source: RozéKacsa Blog
Since this recipe is in Hungarian, You can find a basic but handy vocabulary here to figure out what kind of ingredients you need.

This dish was one of the best result of my recipe tests. Next time I’ll have to make double or triple quantity, because I’m not able to stop eating this.

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Savoy cabbage stew © Reka Csulak

Savoy cabbage stew


 Savoy cabbage stew

I had a small savoy cabbage at home so I asked my mom to send me her recipe. I modified it a little bit, but the well known taste from my childhood is the same. This dish was not my favourite, but few days ago I totally wanted to eat it again, and this made me feel so happy, because it means: I added another vegetable from the ‘no way!’ list to my favourites. Continue reading “Savoy cabbage stew”