Mediterranean salad in a jar © Reka Csulak

Mediterranean salad in a jar

I love hiking. This passion started at primary school where I’ve joined a hiking group to discover the beautiful mountains of Hungary. When you climb for hours to glimpse the scenery you’ve never seen before, nothing is better to rest in the lap of nature and eat something delicious to please all of your senses. With a little effort, you can prepare a superb hiking … Continue reading Mediterranean salad in a jar


Magyarul  ⇣  Gnocchi Recipe source: Gennaro Contaldo Gnocchi dough recipe in the video below ↓ When you prepare some oven baked potatoes, for example jacket potatoes, make sure, that you put a few extra into the oven and try this Italian gnocchi recipe from Gennaro Contaldo. If you have no gnocchi board to make this unique pattern, no worries, just use a simple fork. Roll the small … Continue reading Gnocchi

Hungarian stlye Spaetzle

Magyarul  ⇣ Spaetzle Not too long time ago we visited our family, and I used this opportunity to buy some tools what is a little bit rare over here. One of theese is a Spaetzle maker, and of course after we arrived home I wanted to try immediately. Hungarian style Spaetzle called ‘nokedli’ or ‘galuska’ is a very simple side which is light as a … Continue reading Hungarian stlye Spaetzle