French cheese board © Reka Csulak

Cheese board guide

Home-made cheese boards are so popular when you have a bunch of people invited for special occasions, so regarding the upcoming holidays, I share some tips about what to consider when you create your cheese selection, select the bread and crackers and other garnishes. The basic cheese types You can start with 3 types of cheeses up to a bountiful selection consider these type of … Continue reading Cheese board guide

King prawn and profiterole party bites © Reka Csulak

Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers

Just a few days until calendar Summer and outdoor party season officially starts. I’d love to help you wow your guests with an easy recipe.  These skewers look so good and unified on a big table together with other delicious party food.  The gentle sweet chili, fresh herbs, and chilling ricotta filling work perfectly together. INGREDIENTS Profiteroles – click for the ingredients Ricotta filling 250 g fresh ricotta 3 tbsp … Continue reading Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers

Scones with greaves © Reka Csulak

Scones with greaves

Another Hungarian classic: scones. Such a nice snack, great for a summer picnic, birthday parties or other family occasions. Greaves are the fried fat of pork. A few decades ago it was natural, that people used all parts of the animals. When you would like to get lard, you just simply fry the belly of the pork (according to the family traditions we use the belly … Continue reading Scones with greaves

Pogácsa © Reka Csulak

Curd cheese scones

Savory scones with cheese on the top are so popular snacks in Hungary, we call them ‘pogácsa’. If you go to a party, a wedding or a family occasion, 9 out of 10 times you will find some scones on the table. If you are not too lucky, you will try a dry, industrial version. Fortunately, we have a nice recipe in our family recipe … Continue reading Curd cheese scones