Tiramisu cupcakes © Reka Csulak

Tiramisu cupcake

Do you like cupcakes and delicious Tiramisu as well? This time you can merge your favorites in one dessert. This Tiramisu cupcake recipe is the best choice for parties or simple treats for the family or place one in the lunchbox. There are many decoration options of course, so feel free to exprerss your creativity. Dig up your piping tips and think about great falvor … Continue reading Tiramisu cupcake

Sicilian Canolli © Reka Csulak

Sicilian cannoli

I’m dreaming about visiting almond orchards, pretty little cafès where I can enjoy my day-starter granita, then enjoy afternoons at the coast, visit the fish market, and a sheep farm to see how they make ricotta. Until I will have the chance and travel to Sicily then eat an authentic cannoli, this recipe won’t let me down, by the way, it was published in the August/September … Continue reading Sicilian cannoli

Mediterranean meatballs in tomato sauce © Reka Csulak

Mediterranean meatballs with tomato sauce

I cannot highlight this topic enough, but everyone should take some effort, spend about half an hour in the kitchen and prepare a proper lunch even on working days. No excuses. Do not buy ready meal meatballs at the supermarket, pleeease… In the beginning, the most important is to don’t lose interest or motivation, so I recommend to start with quick lunch or dinner options, and … Continue reading Mediterranean meatballs with tomato sauce

Mediterranean salad in a jar © Reka Csulak

Mediterranean salad in a jar

I love hiking. This passion started at primary school where I’ve joined a hiking group to discover the beautiful mountains of Hungary. When you climb for hours to glimpse the scenery you’ve never seen before, nothing is better to rest in the lap of nature and eat something delicious to please all of your senses. With a little effort, you can prepare a superb hiking … Continue reading Mediterranean salad in a jar

King prawn and profiterole party bites © Reka Csulak

Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers

Just a few days until calendar Summer and outdoor party season officially starts. I’d love to help you wow your guests with an easy recipe.  These skewers look so good and unified on a big table together with other delicious party food.  The gentle sweet chili, fresh herbs, and chilling ricotta filling work perfectly together. INGREDIENTS Profiteroles – click for the ingredients Ricotta filling 250 g fresh ricotta 3 tbsp … Continue reading Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers