Swedish almond cake © Reka Csulak

Swedish almond cake

If you’ve never been to Sweden, but like to visit IKEA stores, you probably know this dessert very well. Swedes call it ‘mandeltårta‘. The crust of this almond cake doesn’t contain any flour, only ground almond, so I think this cake could be a great option for anyone on a gluten-free diet. These Scandinavian cakes are the best when you can enjoy the right balance of … Continue reading Swedish almond cake

Christmas Princess Cake © Reka Csulak

Princess cake

You already know that I’m in love with Scandinavian baked goods, so now I share the recipe of the Princess cake that has a truly fresh outlook which perfectly fits a special occasions during Spring. The original recipe was published by Jenny Åkerström in the Prinsessornas Kokbok (1948) -Princesses Cookbook-. She was the teacher of the three daughters of Prince Carl, the Duke of Västergötland. The name of the cake came … Continue reading Princess cake

Semla © Reka Csulak


In my previous post I’ve shared, why Shrove Tuesday is all bout eating. On the same day when there is Pancakes Day in the UK, Swedes celebrate ‘fettisdagen‘ with Semla, which is the first sign of the spring after a long and dark Scandinavian winter. So let’s celebrate the light, new life, green leaves… and bake Semlor! Let’s introduce a nice Swedish tradition into your life. … Continue reading Semla

Baked apples © Reka Csulak

Baked apples

Magyarul  ⇣ Baked apples – the Scandinavian way This treat is so easy to prepare and you can create as many variations as you can imagine. You can use different fruits to stuff with many of yummy things, like dried fruits, nuts, spices, crunchy elements, or nut butters… but this recipe is based on my lovely memories from Sweden. The first destination of our volunteering … Continue reading Baked apples

Venison prosciutto flat bread © Reka Csulak

Crispbread with venison prosciutto

Magyarul  ⇣  Crispbread with venison prosciutto I think this time of the year we deserve an unusually royal breakfast! Let’s treat yourself with some premium Alpine venison prosciutto combined with some crispy, creamy and sweet fruity elements. I love this kind of harmony of favors! INGREDIENTS Dark ryebread Venison prosciutto from Alpine Deli Crème fraîche Blueberry jam Fresh blueberries INSTRUCTIONS Place some venison prosciutto on … Continue reading Crispbread with venison prosciutto