Chanterelle soup © Reka Csulak

Chanterelle soup

It was already late November in Sweden when I had the chance to taste this yummy dish for the first time. One day in lunchtime this creamy, warming soup was the best thing what happened to us after we spent the half day with some autumnal work at the garden of Timjan Cafè and Restaurant. This recipe is from the owner, Christina. She was so … Continue reading Chanterelle soup

Moose burger

Magyarul  ⇣ Moose burger Recipe inspiration: Reader’s Digest I was so lucky when I got some wild moose meat last year in Sweden. Since it’s not so easy to make a good stew from minced meat, I decided to make burgers. I got some inspiration from the recipe above then I modified it to create “more Swedish” burgers. If you have no chance to get some … Continue reading Moose burger

Kladdkaka – the Swedish brownie

Magyarul  ⇣ Kladdkaka – the Swedish brownie When I was a volunteer in Sweden this was one of my favourite desserts, then later I modified it according to my taste. It’s a quick and easy recipe: you don’t need your scale or hand mixer just a measuring jug and a fork to prepare this sticky chocolate cake. INGREDIENTS 100 ml flour 100 ml sugar 100 … Continue reading Kladdkaka – the Swedish brownie