Gastro Adventure 4 © Reka Csulak

Budapest Gastro Adventure #4

During my latest visit to Hungary, I organized the usual tour in the capital to spend some time with my friends and visit nice places where we can share some culinary pleasures. I love that some of my friends are regular visitors to these walks and other freshly joining to a recent event. I think this selection I’ve made for this event is pretty strong … Continue reading Budapest Gastro Adventure #4

ZsF Mangalitza Farm © Reka Csulak

The secret of Mangalica pigs

It’s not easy to find premium meat and charcuterie. The majority of pork has been bred to be extremely fast-growing and low in fat and as a result of this, the meat lost its flavor and values. The native Hungarian swine breed, called Mangalica is the opposite of factory-raised pork with its rich, dark meat and creamy white fat.  I love to cook with quality ingredients and of course … Continue reading The secret of Mangalica pigs

Statue of liberty © Reka Csulak

Budapest Gastro Adventure #3

If you follow the Holy Whisk Blog, this post won’t be a surprise since every time I go for a visit to Hungary, I try to catch up and try restaurants and street food places I’ve never tried before. This is what I call: Gastro Adventure. You can read the previous post from this series here: Budapest Gastro Adventure #1 Budapest Gastro Adventure #2 I’ve … Continue reading Budapest Gastro Adventure #3

Langalló © Reka Csulak


During my latest trip to Hungary, I had the chance to visit Sárréti Chilifarm, the place where award-winning, Hungarian chili sauces come from. I discovered their products in 2017 when the TraBBQ sauce won awards, one after one and every blogger and newspaper mentioned this success: World Hot Sauce World Championship: BBQ Sauce Division, Alcohol-infused category 3rd place The Chile Pepper Magazine Awards: BBQ Sauce Division, Alcohol-infused category 1st … Continue reading Langalló