Tiramisu cupcakes © Reka Csulak

Tiramisu cupcake

Do you like cupcakes and delicious Tiramisu as well? This time you can merge your favorites in one dessert. This Tiramisu cupcake recipe is the best choice for parties or simple treats for the family or place one in the lunchbox. There are many decoration options of course, so feel free to exprerss your creativity. Dig up your piping tips and think about great falvor … Continue reading Tiramisu cupcake

Swedish almond cake © Reka Csulak

Swedish almond cake

If you’ve never been to Sweden, but like to visit IKEA stores, you probably know this dessert very well. Swedes call it ‘mandeltårta‘. The crust of this almond cake doesn’t contain any flour, only ground almond, so I think this cake could be a great option for anyone on a gluten-free diet. These Scandinavian cakes are the best when you can enjoy the right balance of … Continue reading Swedish almond cake

Sour Cherry sponge © Reka Csulak

Sour cherry sponge

This recipe is based on my grandma’s sour cherry sponge. Sometimes she randomly prepares a large batch because she loves to surprise us with freshly baked cakes or some food, no matter when we visit her. This cake takes an important part of our family. I think since we were born, whenever we notice the scent of this cake it reminds us of the importance of the … Continue reading Sour cherry sponge

Christmas Princess Cake © Reka Csulak

Princess cake

You already know that I’m in love with Scandinavian baked goods, so now I share the recipe of the Princess cake that has a truly fresh outlook which perfectly fits a special occasions during Spring. The original recipe was published by Jenny Åkerström in the Prinsessornas Kokbok (1948) -Princesses Cookbook-. She was the teacher of the three daughters of Prince Carl, the Duke of Västergötland. The name of the cake came … Continue reading Princess cake

Hungarian cream puffs © Reka Csulak

Hungarian-style cream puffs

Magyarul  ⇣  Hungarian-style cream puffs The Hungarian name of this dessert is ‘representative doughnut’… but there is no official reason why. Anyways, this classic is a popular choice for weddings, birthday parties and other family occasions. Some people like to make them huge, but I prefer if they have smaller size, so you can eat each in one bite. The whole dessert is a combination … Continue reading Hungarian-style cream puffs

Grated curd cheese cake

This cake is one of my biggest favorites from the family collection. I love the crispy crust and the soft filling together. It’s a good dessert option for the guests, it would be a yummy treat in the lunchbox, and the leftovers will make a yummy treat a few days later too. INGREDIENTS Crust 400 g flour 150 g sugar 3 tbsp cocoa powder 2 … Continue reading Grated curd cheese cake