Salame Di Ciocciolato Photo by © Reka Csulak

Salame di cioccolato

Magyarul  ⇣  Chocolate salami The Chocolate salami is originally a Portuguese and Italian dessert, but you can find the equivalents in many European countries. The name came from the appearance: because of the crushed biscuits and nuts it looks like a nice salami. You can create your own favorite if you add varied nuts or dried fruits to the chosen biscuit. Don’t be afraid to … Continue reading Salame di cioccolato


In 2015 we had chance to spend the whole Christmas season in a Swedish restaurant in a specific part of the country called Småland, and of course, I’ve tried all the traditional dishes from the festive smörgåsbord: the julbord. One of my favorites was the dessert, called Ostkaka which literally means cheesecake. Our host told me that it’s not too easy to prepare this dessert because it … Continue reading Ostkaka

Saffronsbullar © Reka Csulak


The sweet yeast rolls are so popular in Sweden all year around, just think about cinnamon buns and Semla buns, but in the Christmas season, there is some special yummy dessert flavored with golden saffron. Saffransbullar or saffron buns are one of these treats. Even Christmas is far away, I really wanted to treat myself with these golden buns, so I’ve prepared a batch.

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