Pork fillet with chorizo © Reka Csulak

Chorizo stuffed pork fillet

Since we normally celebrate together with my husband only, we don’t need a huge turkey on our festive table. I normally prepare a roll, stuffed meat or other smaller roast. This year we had this chorizo stuffed pork fillet, but you can do it with a whole pork loin as well. INGREDIENTS 1 pork fillet 1 chorizo ring 8 slice smoked rashers Salt, pepper Olive oil – … Continue reading Chorizo stuffed pork fillet

ZsF Mangalitza Farm © Reka Csulak

The secret of Mangalica pigs

It’s not easy to find premium meat and charcuterie. The majority of pork has been bred to be extremely fast-growing and low in fat and as a result of this, the meat lost its flavor and values. The native Hungarian swine breed, called Mangalica is the opposite of factory-raised pork with its rich, dark meat and creamy white fat.  I love to cook with quality ingredients and of course … Continue reading The secret of Mangalica pigs

Kasespatzle © Reka Csulak


Magyarul  ⇣ Cheese spätzle Have you ever tried an another amazing version of ‘mac and cheese’ called spätzle? We Hungarians call this soft egg noodlefound nokedli, csipetke or galuska. Everyone who loves skiing probably knows this popular Alpine dish called Käsespätzle, what usually served in the mountain huts called hütte. For this recipe I’ve used Speck ham straight from Italian Alps, Emmental and smoked Cheddar cheeses for lovely gooey texture and smokey-nutty … Continue reading Käsespätzle

Creamy cauliflower and broccoli oven bake

Hmmm… even if I look at the pictures makes my mouth watering. Basically, this is one of my first own creations and still one of my biggest favorites. It’s very easy to prepare, the ingredients are quite cheap and the result will be a big amount of food, perfectly enough for your guests as well. It will be still yummy when you will heat up … Continue reading Creamy cauliflower and broccoli oven bake

Spaghetti with chicken and bacon in creamy parmesan sauce

Magyarul  ⇣ Spaghetti with chicken and bacon in creamy parmesan sauce It’s a typical menu idea on a workday… easy, quick and good enough if you have to heat it up later at the canteen. INGREDIENTS 200 g bacon 1 chicken fillet Olive oil Salt, pepper, oregano, thyme 1 clove garlic pressed 300 ml doubble cream Parmesan INSTRUCTIONS Put a pot full of salty water … Continue reading Spaghetti with chicken and bacon in creamy parmesan sauce