Cocoa blueberry swiss roll © Reka Csulak

Cocoa Blueberry Swiss Roll

Swiss roll is such a great option as a simple family treat and with a little creativity, it can be the show-stopper of special occasions too. As the weather is nicer I crave for less sweet desserts, this is why I’ve created a Swiss Roll, that gives you the great flavor combination of cocoa and the freshness blueberries. I’m very proud that this recipe has been … Continue reading Cocoa Blueberry Swiss Roll

Curd cheese bags © Reka Csulak

Curd cheese bags

Hungarian cuisine is rich in filling soups so it’s a common thing that women bake some kind of sweet dough instead of preparing a normal main course. Curd cheese bags are quite popular after goulash or bean soup for example. They are quite nice on the day after you bake them as well, so if you go for a hike or sightseeing, it could be quite handy … Continue reading Curd cheese bags