Croquembouche © Reka Csulak


I always wanted to try and build this dramatic choux pastry tower we call croquembouche.  A few months ago Betty Binon and Rodica Godlewski made and took pictures from a gorgeous one, decorated with flowers and leaves. It was so inspiring, so I wanted to create my own version. In this post, I will tell you, what is the best way to make a stable tower. … Continue reading Croquembouche

King prawn and profiterole party bites © Reka Csulak

Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers

Just a few days until calendar Summer and outdoor party season officially starts. I’d love to help you wow your guests with an easy recipe.  These skewers look so good and unified on a big table together with other delicious party food.  The gentle sweet chili, fresh herbs, and chilling ricotta filling work perfectly together. INGREDIENTS Profiteroles – click for the ingredients Ricotta filling 250 g fresh ricotta 3 tbsp … Continue reading Sweet chili prawn and ricotta profiterole skewers

Passion fruit profiteroles © Reka Csulak

Passion fruit profiteroles

Magyarul  ⇣  Passion fruit profiteroles In the last 2 weeks I’m just thinking about the a marvelous marriage of tastes and textures of passion fruit, vanilla and warming spices. As a result of this brainstorming I’ve created a vanilla-passion fruit cream filling and quickly prepared some profiteroles too, according to the basic recipe I’ve published few months ago. INGREDIENTS Choux pastry balls for profiteroles click on the … Continue reading Passion fruit profiteroles

Hungarian cream puffs © Reka Csulak

Hungarian-style cream puffs

Magyarul  ⇣  Hungarian-style cream puffs The Hungarian name of this dessert is ‘representative doughnut’… but there is no official reason why. Anyways, this classic is a popular choice for weddings, birthday parties and other family occasions. Some people like to make them huge, but I prefer if they have smaller size, so you can eat each in one bite. The whole dessert is a combination … Continue reading Hungarian-style cream puffs


Today I’ve made some churros and these beautiful profiteroles, since you can use the same choux pastry for these dessert. INGREDIENTS Choux pastry 50 g butter 125 ml water 125 ml flour 1 tsp sugar 2 eggs Salt Crème patisserie 125 ml sugar 4 tbsp gluten free flour or corn starch Salt 500 ml whole milk 4 egg yolks 2 tbsp butter 1 tsp vanilla paste or … Continue reading Profiteroles


Magyarul  ⇣ Churros Recipe source: Street Kitchen Blog Since this recipe is in Hungarian, You can find a basic but handy vocabulary here to figure out what kind of ingredients you need. I saved this recipe long time ago and always wanted to try it. But finally I prepared everything and I’m so surprised how easy to make this popular Spanish dessert which is so popular nowadays as streetfood. The … Continue reading Churros