White wine poached pears © Reka Csulak

White wine poached pear with zabaglione

This Christmas I try to spend more time with relaxing and spending valuable time with my beloved ones, so I’ve created some easy but luxurious desserts. What if we serve a poached pear in a white wine glass, pour some zabaglione on the top and serve it after a festive roast? INGREDIENTS Poached pears 750 ml white wine (I used the Chablis of J.Moreau Fils) … Continue reading White wine poached pear with zabaglione

Plum dumpling © Reka Csulak

Potato dumpling with plum

These potato dumplings filled with plum is a Hungarian classic. This dish can work as a sweet main or dessert too, depends on how many dumplings you put on the plate. I was so worried about making them at home for a while, but if the dough is sealed properly, and if they don’t stick on the bottom of the pot, they will be perfect! In … Continue reading Potato dumpling with plum

Chocolate tonka bean ice lolly © Reka Csulak

Chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon ice lollies

Next part of the summer ice lollies series is my favorite hot chocolate flavor combination during wintertime. You can freeze a creamy hot chocolate and it surprisingly gives wonderful texture to your ice lollies. I’d give up all the Magnums just for this one! You can prepare about 4-5 ice lollies from the following ingredients. INGREDIENTS Ice lolly base 250 ml double cream 100 g milk … Continue reading Chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon ice lollies

Floating island

During my childhood, the only time, when I ate Floating island, was when the old lady from the neighborhood of my grandparents invited me to watch some old TV shows together. When I was there, she always prepared this dessert for us. It’s still a very good memory, and this dessert always reminds me of those special occasions. Nowadays I like to prepare it in … Continue reading Floating island