Vegan avocado pie

I really love no-bake desserts and a different version of this came from my dear blogger friend, Évi from Salt Wine Friends Blog. Over the years, I’ve modified some parts of her recipe and finally created a vegan option. I love that the filling I’ve created absolutely works in frozen form or as a smoothie bowl too. If you want to try ice lollies with the same taste … Continue reading Vegan avocado pie

Avocado lime coconut ice lolly © Reka Csulak

Avocado, lime and coconut ice lollies

We always craving for delicious chilling desserts together with my husband, so I’ve made a decision to stop buying ice cream from the store and preparing homemade ice lollies. I know exactly what goes into the mixes, I can control the amount of my sweetener and definitely do not use preservatives or weird stuff. Each week I prepare 2 different flavor combinations, and I’ll bring … Continue reading Avocado, lime and coconut ice lollies

Coconut balls © Reka Csulak

Coconut balls

Magyarul  ⇣  Coconut balls A childhood favorite again. Cocoa flavored dough in coconut jacket with a juicy pickled sour cherry in the middle. Normally it should be chilled before you serve but to be honest I really love to eat some before it goes into the fridge, when the dough is soft. Omnomnom! This is one of the best party desserts and if you have any leftovers, … Continue reading Coconut balls