Gingerbread © Reka Csulak


Christmas is on the corner so it’s time to thinking about one of the most important elements of the festive decoration: gingerbread. But this year instead of sharing my family recipe, I will show you how to prepare Swedish ginger thins, which is my new favorite since I’ve tried them at IKEA and then in Sweden. Pepparkaka is totally different from the Central European soft … Continue reading Pepparkaka

Holy Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Cookies © Reka Csulak

Hot chocolate and pecan cookies

Autumn is here and it rains more often. Perfect time to grab your favorite blanket, put on comfy clothes, find a warm and cozy place surrounded with the things you like, and spend some time with… yourself! Yes! Every day we put our family and friends in the first place and our job of course. But now, stop for a few hours and focus just … Continue reading Hot chocolate and pecan cookies


Magyarul  ⇣ 

Marlenka – the Armenian honey cake

Recipe source:
Since this recipe is in Hungarian, You can find a basic but handy vocabulary here to figure out what kind of ingredients you need.

This amazing cake is so popular in Hungary, but it’s originally from the Czech Republic, where some genius with Armenian heritage created their small cake business, which has grown to an international company, and this is why we are able to buy some Marlenka at the supermarket as well.

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Walnut baklava © Reka Csulak


I’ve tried some baklava recipes… the assembly is quite simple and does not make much difference for one recipe to another. The most important bits are the syrup and the filling and I think I finally found the flavor combination I like the most. Make sure that you will have enough syrup to cover the top of the filo sheets as well and you can treat … Continue reading Baklava

Rice pudding food styling

Rice pudding royal

Magyarul  ⇣  Rice pudding royal Recipe source: Jamie at Home (FoodNetwork) I found some premium meringue nests during my weekly shopping so I thought the time has arrived to prepare this dessert. For breakfast. 🙂 This is Jamie Oliver’s recipe, I saw it in his TV show ‘Jamie at Home‘ couple of years ago in Hungary. The recipe was in the Strawberry episode. I … Continue reading Rice pudding royal