Ostrich steak plating © Reka Csulak

Ostrich steak

Magyarul  ⇣  Ostrich steak Few months ago I’ve discovered a page where a guy sharing his drawings about plating plans, then you can see the result after a little delay too. I really like this idea, because it shows how many creative hours and planning are behind a nice and well balanced plate. I wanted to learn about plating and challenge myself at the same time, … Continue reading Ostrich steak

Chanterelle mushroom risotto © Reka Csulak

Chanterelle risotto

Autumn is here, the best time for mushroom hunting! I have great memories when we went hiking in Sweden and all the forests and swamps were full of mushrooms and berries during this season. And that time I had the chance to enjoy yellow and grey chanterelles a lot, and since then I really love this versatile ingredient. Risotto is a Northern Italian dish, and … Continue reading Chanterelle risotto

Pasta with chicken, speck and peas in creamy sauce

Magyarul  ⇣  Pasta with chicken, speck and peas in creamy sauce Today I prepared a quick and easy pasta dish, because it perfectly fits to a busy workday. I’ve used one of my new favourite ingredient, a slightly smoked and air dried ham, the Speck Alto Adige PGI from Exquisite Deli, at Borough Market. You can prepare many of dishes with this ham… if you carve … Continue reading Pasta with chicken, speck and peas in creamy sauce


Magyarul  ⇣  Gnocchi Recipe source: Gennaro Contaldo Gnocchi dough recipe in the video below ↓ When you prepare some oven baked potatoes, for example jacket potatoes, make sure, that you put a few extra into the oven and try this Italian gnocchi recipe from Gennaro Contaldo. If you have no gnocchi board to make this unique pattern, no worries, just use a simple fork. Roll the small … Continue reading Gnocchi

Cod with pan-seared veggies in smoked cheese sauce

Magyarul  ⇣  Cod with pan-seared veggies in smoked cheese sauce This is another simple but great variation for fish, which helps to re-discover fish dishes and insert them to the list of our everyday favourites. This time I chose cod, but you can use your preferred fish. INGREDIENTS 2 cod loins 1 can red kidney beans without water 200 g button mushrooms 200 g smoked cheese 300 … Continue reading Cod with pan-seared veggies in smoked cheese sauce