Goat cheese and fig sandwich © Reka Csulak

Sandwich with goat cheese and figs

I really love to eat brunch, but sometimes I keep breakfast as simple as possible and I like to keep some meat-free days during my week. Autumnal harvest brings much delicious produce to markets and one of my favorites are figs. This sandwich is very simple since I want you to focus on this amazing fruit with some additional textures and matching flavors. INGREDIENTS 2 slices of … Continue reading Sandwich with goat cheese and figs

Baked apples © Reka Csulak

Baked apples

Magyarul  ⇣ Baked apples – the Scandinavian way This treat is so easy to prepare and you can create as many variations as you can imagine. You can use different fruits to stuff with many of yummy things, like dried fruits, nuts, spices, crunchy elements, or nut butters… but this recipe is based on my lovely memories from Sweden. The first destination of our volunteering … Continue reading Baked apples

Babka © Reka Csulak


Magyarul  ⇣  Babka Recipe source: Lila füge https://lilafuge.hu/jeruzsalemi-kalacs-babka/ Since this recipe is in Hungarian, You can find a basic but handy vocabulary here to figure out what kind of ingredients you need. Babka is a lovely element of Jewish cuisine. Traditionally it’s a braid, made of yeast dough, filled with chocolate or cinnamon filling and often sprinkled with streusel. I’ve already prepared many cakes for Christmas, but when I’ve seen … Continue reading Babka

Turkey filo parcels © Reka Csulak

Turkey and chestnut parcels

Magyarul  ⇣  Turkey and chestnut parcels This Christmas I won’t roast a massive turkey. I believe that it’s not necessary to struggle with a giant bird, especially when you won’t organize a big family dinner. Fortunately there are many other options that make your festive table gorgeous! If you would like to try something different this Christmas, let’s give a try to these lovely filled … Continue reading Turkey and chestnut parcels

Holy Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Cookies © Reka Csulak

Hot chocolate and pecan cookies

Autumn is here and it rains more often. Perfect time to grab your favorite blanket, put on comfy clothes, find a warm and cozy place surrounded with the things you like, and spend some time with… yourself! Yes! Every day we put our family and friends in the first place and our job of course. But now, stop for a few hours and focus just … Continue reading Hot chocolate and pecan cookies