Orange is the New Black Burger © Reka Csulak

Orange Is The New Black Burger

It was so difficult to wait for the right moment before I show you this recipe. I think October is the best month to introduce a new burger, I call ‘Orange is the new black’. The conception is simple: mostly orange and black elements ruling this impressive stack. Halloween is on the corner and one of my favorite TV shows -guess what-, Orange is the … Continue reading Orange Is The New Black Burger

Scones with greaves © Reka Csulak

Scones with greaves

Another Hungarian classic: scones. Such a nice snack, great for a summer picnic, birthday parties or other family occasions. Greaves are the fried fat of pork. A few decades ago it was natural, that people used all parts of the animals. When you would like to get lard, you just simply fry the belly of the pork (according to the family traditions we use the belly … Continue reading Scones with greaves