Sicilian Canolli © Reka Csulak

Sicilian cannoli

I’m dreaming about visiting almond orchards, pretty little cafès where I can enjoy my day-starter granita, then enjoy afternoons at the coast, visit the fish market, and a sheep farm to see how they make ricotta. Until I will have the chance and travel to Sicily then eat an authentic cannoli, this recipe won’t let me down, by the way, it was published in the August/September … Continue reading Sicilian cannoli

Avocado lime coconut ice lolly © Reka Csulak

Avocado, lime and coconut ice lollies

We always craving for delicious chilling desserts together with my husband, so I’ve made a decision to stop buying ice cream from the store and preparing homemade ice lollies. I know exactly what goes into the mixes, I can control the amount of my sweetener and definitely do not use preservatives or weird stuff. Each week I prepare 2 different flavor combinations, and I’ll bring … Continue reading Avocado, lime and coconut ice lollies