Chestnut cream horns © Reka Csulak

Chestnut cream horns

Sweet chestnut desserts are so popular in Hungary, and I wanted to prepare a super easy dessert as a weekend treat, this is how the idea of these chestnut cream horns came up. For me, it’s quite challenging to list any food that is typical in November. In this case, the seasonal ingredients are my inspiration, the market always offers something you haven’t planned to … Continue reading Chestnut cream horns

Lemon cream horns

Magyarul  ⇣  Lemon cream horns Recipe source: Rodica Godlewski Since I’m a big fan of Rodica’s photos, I’ve invited her to do a recipe exchange, when we choose a recipe from each other’s page then prepare and take pictures from the result on our own way. Her Instagram is not about recipes, since she is a photographer and her style is dark photography, mainly in … Continue reading Lemon cream horns