Gundel pancake © Reka Csulak

Gundel pancake

The first Gundel pancakes were created by Károly Gundel around the ’40-s. Officially it was a family recipe of Lola, the wife of Gundel’s friend Sándor Márai, but Gundel upgraded the recipe and made the pancake with ground walnuts, raisins, and rum filling served in a dark chocolate sauce. They started to call it Márai pancake, but after the immigration of the Márai family, the restaurant … Continue reading Gundel pancake

Salame Di Ciocciolato Photo by © Reka Csulak

Salame di cioccolato

Magyarul  ⇣  Chocolate salami The Chocolate salami is originally a Portuguese and Italian dessert, but you can find the equivalents in many European countries. The name came from the appearance: because of the crushed biscuits and nuts it looks like a nice salami. You can create your own favorite if you add varied nuts or dried fruits to the chosen biscuit. Don’t be afraid to … Continue reading Salame di cioccolato

Roasted plums © Reka Csulak

Piquant roasted plums

Magyarul  ⇣  Piquant roasted plums One of my favorite ingredient-transformation is: when you roast or bake plums… it turns from a yellow or light pink fruit into a deep purple, juicy, sticky treat. I’m in love with that gorgeous color, and the scent of warming spices what is typically used during fall or wintertime… and the marriage of these ingredients is absolutely wonderful. You can … Continue reading Piquant roasted plums