Saffronsbullar © Reka Csulak


The sweet yeast rolls are so popular in Sweden all year around, just think about cinnamon buns and Semla buns, but in the Christmas season, there is some special yummy dessert flavored with golden saffron. Saffransbullar or saffron buns are one of these treats. Even Christmas is far away, I really wanted to treat myself with these golden buns, so I’ve prepared a batch.

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Moose burger

Magyarul  ⇣ Moose burger Recipe inspiration: Reader’s Digest I was so lucky when I got some wild moose meat last year in Sweden. Since it’s not so easy to make a good stew from minced meat, I decided to make burgers. I got some inspiration from the recipe above then I modified it to create “more Swedish” burgers. If you have no chance to get some … Continue reading Moose burger