Kaiserschmarrn © Reka Csulak


This dish is a popular dessert in many former parts of the Habsburg Monarchy but maybe it is familiar from your last Alpine ski strip too. In Germany and Austria it’s called Kaiserschmarrn, we call it császármorzsa in Hungary, in Slovenia it’s cesarski praženec or šmorn and Czech people call it kajzršmorn. It’s a kind of scrambled pancake batter but some recipes -including the Hungarian cuisine- add some semolina too. … Continue reading Kaiserschmarrn

Summer strudels

Magyarul  ⇣  Summer strudels One of the best desserts are strudels -or rétes in Hungarian-, because all you need is filo pastry and imagination to create a quick, easy and yummy treat. Some cooks like to use puff pastry to make them, but I prefer the traditional Hungarian way, so I use crunchy filo sheets for my strudels. This dessert became popular in the 18th century … Continue reading Summer strudels