Chocolate tonka bean ice lolly © Reka Csulak

Chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon ice lollies

Next part of the summer ice lollies series is my favorite hot chocolate flavor combination during wintertime. You can freeze a creamy hot chocolate and it surprisingly gives wonderful texture to your ice lollies. I’d give up all the Magnums just for this one! You can prepare about 4-5 ice lollies from the following ingredients. INGREDIENTS Ice lolly base 250 ml double cream 100 g milk … Continue reading Chocolate, tonka bean, cinnamon ice lollies

Passion fruit profiteroles © Reka Csulak

Passion fruit profiteroles

Magyarul  ⇣  Passion fruit profiteroles In the last 2 weeks I’m just thinking about the a marvelous marriage of tastes and textures of passion fruit, vanilla and warming spices. As a result of this brainstorming I’ve created a vanilla-passion fruit cream filling and quickly prepared some profiteroles too, according to the basic recipe I’ve published few months ago. INGREDIENTS Choux pastry balls for profiteroles click on the … Continue reading Passion fruit profiteroles

Holy Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Pecan Cookies © Reka Csulak

Hot chocolate and pecan cookies

Autumn is here and it rains more often. Perfect time to grab your favorite blanket, put on comfy clothes, find a warm and cozy place surrounded with the things you like, and spend some time with… yourself! Yes! Every day we put our family and friends in the first place and our job of course. But now, stop for a few hours and focus just … Continue reading Hot chocolate and pecan cookies