Turkey filo parcels © Reka Csulak

Turkey and chestnut parcels

Magyarul  ⇣  Turkey and chestnut parcels This Christmas I won’t roast a massive turkey. I believe that it’s not necessary to struggle with a giant bird, especially when you won’t organize a big family dinner. Fortunately there are many other options that make your festive table gorgeous! If you would like to try something different this Christmas, let’s give a try to these lovely filled … Continue reading Turkey and chestnut parcels

Pan-roasted turkey breast with salad

Magyarul  ⇣ Pan-roasted turkey breast with salad First of all… sorry that I was not so active in the last few days, but the reason is so lovely. Two weeks ago we finally moved a step forward and found our dream home, then created our own private life again after we’ve left at shared places in the previous one and half year. So today we moved over … Continue reading Pan-roasted turkey breast with salad

Turkey roll © Reka Csulak

Turkey roll in crispy bacon

Magyarul  ⇣ Stuffed turkey roll in crispy bacon jacket – Christmas 2016 This year I definitely wanted to put turkey on the festive table, but my husband and I are a bit few to eat a whole turkey. This is why I decided to make a turkey roll. INGREDIENTS 1 turkey breast fillet 1 small onion Fat 4-6 mushrooms chopped 150 g chicken liver finely chopped  1 handful parsley freshly chopped … Continue reading Turkey roll in crispy bacon