Venison prosciutto flat bread © Reka Csulak

Crispbread with venison prosciutto

Magyarul  ⇣  Crispbread with venison prosciutto I think this time of the year we deserve an unusually royal breakfast! Let’s treat yourself with some premium Alpine venison prosciutto combined with some crispy, creamy and sweet fruity elements. I love this kind of harmony of favors! INGREDIENTS Dark ryebread Venison prosciutto from Alpine Deli Crème fraîche Blueberry jam Fresh blueberries INSTRUCTIONS Place some venison prosciutto on … Continue reading Crispbread with venison prosciutto

Venison stew

Magyarul  ⇣ Venison stew On special occasions or just to spice up your everyday menu, feel free to choose a more noble, game meat such as venison. The preparation of venison stew is very similar to the beef version, the only difference is the seasoning; but like any other wild meat, venison can provide a very unique taste-experience. INGREDIENTS 400 g venison diced 1 large onion 4 tbsp fat 1 tbsp … Continue reading Venison stew