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Easter Egg Pastry Photo by © Reka Csulak
Try this Easter Egg Pastry by Reka Csulak and reward your festive guests with the delicious combination of sweet curd cheese and peach.
Portfolio © Reka Csulak


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I work with brands and other creatives to help them highlight their products using my visual style.

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To discover the artful side of gastronomy you do not have to visit a fine dining restaurant on the first place. You can create your own masterpieces at home, in your kitchen. The essential source of popping colors, velvety petals and unbelievable taste on your plate are definitely edible flowers....
Gastro Adventure 4 © Reka Csulak
During my latest visit to Hungary, I organized the usual tour in the capital to spend some time with my friends and visit nice places where we can share some...
Creative Education © Reka Csulak


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Let's bring your food photography and styling to the next level while keeping your own visual style at 1-on-1 sessions, in-person or online.